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El Dorado is a City of Gold for exchanging, storing, and growing your digital assets.

We combine the speed and convenience of features commonly seen on Centralized exchanges with the sovereignty and security of Decentralized backends.

cross-chain decentralized exchange

Swap any asset,


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Cross-Chain Swaps

Swap native assets cross-chain without the risk of bridged or wrapped assets.


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Start Your Journey

Create a Keystore Wallet

Visit El Dorado and click on "Connect Wallet" a pop-up will appear, select "Create new Keystore Wallet" and input a safe password to encrypt your keystore.

Backup your Seed Phrase

Once you press create you'll be prompted to save your Keystore file on your computer. Choose a safe location and save. You'll be presented with a 12-words seed phrase. Make sure to write it down or save it somewhere safe.

Swap or Save

You can now use your brand new wallet to swap or save on El Dorado.

Need crypto? Use our "Buy/Sell" tab to onramp from fiat currencies via an account with Kado Money (our onramp partner).

El Dorado's Vision

What is El Dorado?
Does El Dorado charge a fee? And how much?
What is the Roadmap for El Dorado?
What Powers El Dorado?
Why did El Dorado start building on Maya?