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True self-sovereign finance.

The City of Gold. El Dorado, the heart of native cross-chain swaps.


Conduct trades seamlessly using your self-custodial wallet. Empower yourself as the custodian of your finances.

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Cross-Chain Swaps

Swap native Layer 1 assets cross-chain without the risk of bridges or wrapped assets.

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Dual Liquidity

Provide $CACAO and Layer 1 asset to become a liquidity provider to earn yield.

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A stateless savings account for your native Layer 1 assets. Deposit a Layer 1 asset and earn single-sided yield in Layer 1 asset.

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El Dorado

DEX Aggregation

Aggregation of DEX’s to enable long-tail asset trading with ease.

THORChain Integration

Users will be able to swap any assets supported by Thorchain and Maya Protocol’s network.


Launch the $ELDO token and revenue share model to give back to token holders.

Incubation of Aztec Projects

Launchpad to help incubate, fund, market and grow protocols building on top of Aztec chain.

Venture Entity

El Dorado will grow a Venture arm to fund projects outside of Maya Protocol.

Perpetuals on Aztec

Perpetuals platform where degens can long and short their favorite assets with leverage.